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Why Prefer Online Rummy To Other Traditional Games

2024-04-28 RummyLite Blog

Online Rummy is one of the traditional games that have come into a new digital avatar in India. We Indians are an emotional lot. It can just take certain old Bollywood songs to drive us back to memory lane. Most of us grew up in the days of walkmans and CD players. We did not have 64 GB iPods or smartphones. We spent our leisure time getting lost in the aromatic fragrance of old faded yellow pages of a book rather than staring at the Kindle. The days were lazy and things weren’t that complicated. As Analog flipped to Digital, there were certain tables that stayed firm and concentrated. We are talking about games that were prevalent back then and are still going strong.


Did you know that the number of possible ways of playing the first four moves for both sides in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000!

There’s no gray in a game of chess; it’s either a white or black. The strategy and moves come together when each piece plays a vital role in deciding the outcome. Each of the two players begins with 16 pieces: One King, One Queen, Two Rooks, Two Knights, Two Bishops and Eight Pawns. For the last few decades the online version of the game has been getting popular breaking the dimensional sphere. Contrary to the popularity of the offline board game, the same hasn’t been able to match up to the Web version. There are absolutely no second thoughts about the game being the most efficient brain exercise for players as it helps you to understand your own personality as well. And that’s what makes this orthodox game special.

Carom Board

Carom (also known as carom) is a popular family game in Indian households. The 90’s Billiards can be an all day game which is best enjoyed among peers. The calculated angles and to strike the shot that would eventually end up in the corner pockets, takes a lot of practice to implement. A skill based game; that includes points distribution based on the colour of different chips is fun to play. The kicker is to get the queen which is the most valuable piece of the game. Since the arrival of the science yug; a lot has changed and today, you can carry the entire game in your pocket, Sounds crazy right? There are certain web Apps for the game, but the technological bridge hasn’t been able to fill the void and that’s making the whole structure a bit mediocre.

Online Rummy

India is the land of indoor games. Playing cards have always been a great friend to us and there are literally thousands of games that are derived from this set of 52 cards that fit into our pockets. This card family’s popular game, the 13 card Indian Rummy has made it big online. This is one game in which the fundamentals have been preserved well and the changes have only realigned the players into playing more efficiently on vibrant tables. It’s the strategy and skill that separates this iconic game and being on the web has surprisingly helped it in reaching millions of players in the country. The constant rewards and benefits add extra zest to rummy. People from all walks of life are enjoying it and earning well from their card practice. People usually prefer practicing Offline Rummy before playing online.

Teen Patti Or Flash

Popularly known as Teen Patti, Flush or Flash is considered to be a gambling game that is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. Before starting the game play, an agreed number of card(s) are dealt to decide the dealer for the opening hand. Every player contributes towards filling the pot from a predefined amount. The winner gets the whole jar. Played in the season of Deepavali; it is primarily a luck based game with a minimum involvement of skill. Due to which it’s still hasn’t able to influence the market in a highly impactful way.

To Sum Up

The top place goes to Indian Rummy and there are plenty of reasons behind it. The involvement of skills, the efficient migration from land based playing to the web, the multiple rewards and cash prize winnings; all have given it the edge over other orthodox games. We hope you had a great time going through our blog. See you at the tables.